The PHANTOM database - A database of Family targeting Artificial Micro RNAs

Genetic redundancy from overlapping functions of homologous genes found in plant genomes is a limiting factor in the analyses of gene functions. The PHANTOM resource provides artificial micro RNA (amiRNA)-based approaches to address genetic redundancy by simultaneously knocking down homologous genes with potential overlapping function. The PHANTOM database provides an integrated framework of genome-wide gene family definitions and over 2 million pre-calculated amiRNA designs for knocking down genes that may have over-lapping functions allowing the user a fast and efficient approach for selection of various amiRNAs targeting homologous genes of interest. In addition, 10 PHANTOM amiRNA libraries have been designed and synthesized for forward genetic screening of the functionally redundant gene space and can be ordered from the ABRC (Accession: CD4 - 62 to CD4 - 81). For further detailed information see also Hauser et al. (2013) .